The Moshe Yehudah Weiner Memorial

The Tragedy

Tragedy struck us R"L with the petirah of Moshe Yehudah Weiner z"l.

He was only 21 and married for about year. Shomrim reported that Moshe Yehudah he was delivering supplies to a construction site on Kent Avenue around noon. As he entered his car, a passing truck swiped him, causing fatal injuries.

In the midst of their profound grief, Moshe Yehudah's family made a heartfelt decision to channel their devastation towards a worthy cause.

They chose how to respond

They chose to partner with Areivim in generating communal awareness of Areivim's programs and urging friends and family to join this noble organization. What befitting way to perpetuate Moshe Yehuda's memory.

May this serve as an Aliyah for his neshama.
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