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Widows and orphans have always suffered terribly – not only from the grief of losing a spouse or parent, but also from the poverty and deprivation that often follow a death. Often, families are forced to endure the humiliation and pain of fundraising campaigns, which may or may not raise enough for their needs.

Areivim USA eases the pain of grieving families, by establishing large funds for each surviving child. Members of a group voluntarily contribute towards each fund, and gain the peace of mind of knowing that should the need arise, their fellow members will voluntarily do the same for their family. The Areivim USA system provides for widows and orphans, and grants a safety net to all of its members.

The Areivim USA membership provides for widows and orphans, and grants a safety net to all of its members.

Our Story
Areivim USA was established in 2007 by askanim who were called upon again and again to raise funds for families who lost their breadwinners. They found the task very challenging. Each family needed so much money, and raising it was such an enormous undertaking.

Worst of all, since the campaigns raised funds by rousing people’s hearts, they needed to be tear-jerking and emotional. Often, photos of grieving children and crushed vehicles were posted around the community; greatly compromising the dignity of the mourning family.

Under the leadership of prominent rabbonim and legal experts, the askanim established a plan that had a double mission: it would protect grieving families, and grant peace of mind to the entire group.
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The Plan
Areivim USA establishes a group of many thousands of members. The members take collective responsibility for each other. When one member passes away, the other members voluntarily contribute a small amount to each eligible surviving orphan. The result? A sizeable fund of about $150,000 for each orphan*.

In most cases, Areivim USA eliminates the need for further fundraising. And since the families receiving the funds are members of the group,they do not feel that they are burdening the community, or receiving handouts.

It’s a win-win: orphans receive the support they need, and contributing members enjoy the security of knowing that the entire group has their back, should they r”l need it.
Each member is part of an

Areivim USA Group


Member Passes Away

Each member is asked to voluntarily

Donate a Small Amount for Every child

in the household
Fellow Areivim USA members collectively

Raise $150,000 Per Orphan

Fund helps to pay

Weddings, Tuition, & Daily Expenses


No Need For



Minimal Payments, Maximum Benefits
The plan is designed so as not to overburden group members, by capping the amount of contributions to $42 per month. If there are several orphans in a short span of time, members’ contributions are rolled over to the next month, until all the funds are collected.

The result?

A dignified, membership-driven plan that spares families from humiliation, and spares the community from endless dramatic campaigns.
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